Chloé Jacques

La Station Beauté was founded in 2016 by Chloé Jacques with the aim of bringing women services & training that live up to their expectations. With the satisfaction and emancipation of its clientele as its mission, La Station Beauté is THE reference in the aesthetic field in Quebec.

“The sky is full of stars and there’s opportunity for them all to shine.”

The woman behind the company

Sometimes it’s luck that determines the path some people take. As for Chloé, her exceptional career path is marked by unshakeable determination, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, avant-garde rigor and a natural sense of leadership and teamwork.

A professional make-up artist by trade, Chloé Jacques has been training and perfecting her skills in the field of aesthetics since 2008. Her passion for permanent make-up was born in 2015, when she took her first training course with Biotek. A true professional, she has now performed over 5,000 sessions in the field, making her a seasoned expert.

Diamond Shading Conference, Aesthetic Congresses

To date, Chloé has designed over 15 training courses, marketed some 100 products registered with Health Canada and distributed throughout North America and Europe, trained over 2,000 students and some 20 trainers, and helped set up her own training center. Also a trainer and lecturer, Chloé is a member of Micro-Pigmentation committees.

Eyebrows in the age of Microblading, La Presse 2017

Wanting to share her knowledge, she conceived her first eyelash extension application training course in 2014 and revolutionized the world of Aesthetic learning in Quebec. In just a few months, her La Station Beauté Academy is a runaway success. In less than 2 years, Chloé develops several new training courses and expands her premises to meet the ever-increasing demand. Her Academy is also registered as an educational establishment with Revenu Québec, is recognized by the Apeseq and all the training courses offered are recognized by the various insurance companies.

Chloé frequently travels and attends various training courses to keep abreast of the latest trends on the global market, and to offer her students the ultimate in exclusivity.

Eyebrows in the age of Microblading, La Presse 2017

Since 2016, Chloé has helped thousands of women to flourish, bringing together customers, students and work colleagues. In particular, by setting up her loyalty program: Programme Diamant, with which she powerfully demonstrates her company’s mission to help women, to unite them so that together they can grow and prosper to higher levels, leading them to surpass themselves.

Permanent Makeup Training, La Station Beauté Terrebonne

Since 2018, Chloé has once again amazed the community by offering free breast areola repair micro-pigmentation to breast cancer survivors, a cause close to her heart. It’s with a big step forward that the seasoned artist leaves her mark everywhere she goes, spinning straight ahead without ever looking back except to look at what she’s accomplished.



Nail technician

Nail technician

Eyelash extension technician


Eyelash Enhancement Technician



Eyelash extension stylist

Xtreme Lashes Québec


Professional Make-up Artist

Pure Color Academy


Biotek Permanent Makeup Technician

Académie BG Beauté

SprayTan Technician

Norvell University


Advanced Permanent Make-up

Anna Dermo Europe

Advanced Volumizing Stylist (Russian Volume)

Xtreme Lashes Québec

Microblading Technician

Phibrows, Microblading Academy Serbia


Advanced Permanent Make-up

Phicontour, Marijana Babic & Biljana Ilic

Hair Micropigmentation Technician

Adi Schendel, Israël

Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Technician

Rejuvi Laboratory USA

Masterclass Micropigmentation Hair & Eyebrow for Men

Matteo Perazzi, Italia

Master Class Russian volume & Mega Volume

Touche Raffinée & Novoqueen Pro

Nanolips & Nanoliner Technician

Everlasting, Monika Ludwiczak

Infection Control Technician

Preempt, Cosmetic Brands of North America


Masterclass Permanent Makeup Sviatoslav Otchenash

Technique Magic Shading, Stardust & Soft Liner, Aquarell Lips, Mexique

Masterclass Nataliya Yeremenko

Technique Advanced Brows Creation & WOW Brows, Mexico

Masterclass Matteo Perazzi & Cristina Causo

Technique Mammary areola & Starbright Lips, Italia

Certificate in leadership and management skills

John Molson School of Business / Concordia University


PhiGlow training

Manual eye & lip pigmentation, Olga Minkowska, Tallin

Masterclass Ombre Brows & Advanced Microblading

Brows by Linnie & Suzie McIntosh, Las Vegas


Perfecting LipBlush

Permanent Makeup Lip Pigmentation, Shay Danielle Academy

Masterclass Mammary Areola

Carole Evrard, Medico Derm Academy Europe

Masterclass Freckles

Carole Evrard, Medico Derm Academy Europe

Hybrid Eyebrow Masterclass

Carole Evrard, Medico Derm Academy Europe

Master Hands training

Nataliya Yeremenko, Europe


Lavinia Florina Pop, UK

Mega Volume Advanced Training

LashBox LA

Hygiene & Health

Personal Care Quebec

Scalp Micropigmentation SMP

Iccon International, United Kingdom

Areola & Scars Pigmentation

Amazink, Poland


Frozen Lips

LipBlush lip pigmentation, Agnès Permanent Germany

Dark Lips

Neutralizing dark lips with pigmentation, Tess Tattoo

Scalp Pigmentation

Specialization in Micro Hair Pigmentation, Matthew Iulo Micro Scalp USA


Hyperrealistic eyebrow pigmentation, Nataliya Yeremenko


Scalp Micro Pigmentation Scar Camouflage

Scar Correction Specialization, Matthew Iulo Micro Scalp Usa

Lip Magic

Lip pigmentation, The Collective by Jasmine Diebelius

Blade and Shade

Microblading & Microshading Specialization, The Collective by Tina Davies

Beauty in Color

Pigment selection, The Collective by Tina Davies

Airbrushed Aquarelle Lips

Advanced Lipblush technique, Ramona Krusinskienne

Make Dreams Possible – Make Dreams Possible

Give A Constant Support – Give A Constant Support