Henné coloration

The Beauty Station aims to provide current training representing the latest techniques available on the world market. Our mandate: your success! By following a training session with us, you will ensure that you get the follow-up and support essential to your success as well as all the necessary tools to start your new service with confidence.

Our qualified trainers have an impressive background of experience and know-how in order to pass on to you as much knowledge as possible. When you choose La Station Beauté, you choose knowledge.


La formation en COLORATION HENNÉ se donne sur 1 jour détaillé comme ceci :

Day 1 

Duration of the training : 7 hours

Theory : 2 hours
Practice : 5 hours

Training fees : 995$tx

Prerequisite : None

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Contents of the kit 

  • Henna Powders 10g (5)
  • 1 cleansing lotion
  • 1 stain remover lotion.
  • 1 brush definition
  • 1 brush definition
  • 1 exfoliating gel
  • 1 exfoliating gel
  • 1 nourishing oil.
  • 1 thread for depilation
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 tinted measuring tool
  • 1 pencil LSB
Why choose our Academy?

Recognized certificate

La Station Beauté is accredited as an Educational Institution by Revenu Québec and meets the training standards of the APESEQ (Quebec Association of Professionals in Electrolysis and Aesthetic Care). In addition, our trainers are qualified, passionate and constantly improving in order to transmit the most up-to-date techniques to you.

Complete kit

Thanks to our great expertise in the aesthetic field we have selected a range of products of quality in order to offer you the best on the market. All products are registered with Santé Canada and comply with the standards in force.

Certified Course Plan

Our many years of experience in the field of teaching have allowed us to adapt our course plans to all types of students. Following your training we will ensure that you will not only be competent, but also confident, motivated and passionnate.

Diamon Program

By following a training course at La Station Beauté, you will be automatically enrolled in the Diamond Program and will receive continuing education upon receipt of your diploma. The Diamond Program allows you to advance your career while developing strong ties with our community. It also allows you to obtain discounts ranging from 10% to 50% at all times on our products and training.