Stand out on social networks and get more customers and better credibility in your field!

Increase your revenues!

The principle of supply and demand. Better images of your achievements will certainly help you acquire more clients.

Increase your credibility!

With more professional photos that will reflect your work at its true value.

Increase your confidence!

With the right tools and techniques you will be able to take better pictures.

Increase your visibility!

Maximize your audience! A more beautiful publication will get more Likes and Sharing interactions.


Photography is an art and a technique that consists of immortalizing images on film by exposure to light.

This art has become a trend accessible to all and, thanks to new technologies, photography can be shared, commented on and reveals our artistic side.

With the place that social networks are taking, image has taken a central place in our lives. Its marketing power influences businesses at all levels; it is nowadays essential to use (and have used) pictures to promote products and services.

It is also important to remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, as long as you take it well.
Certain elements are essential to the success of a beautiful photograph.
During this training course, you will learn about the different devices, software and accessories that allow you to obtain a perfect picture that represents you and then understand how to publish it in a professional way on your social networks.

The training includes :

  • Access to training on all platforms (cell phone, tablet, computer)
  • Several lessons and videos within 9 modules
  • Ongoing support with the private training group Facebook
  • The possibility to learn according to your schedule and at your own pace
  • Certification upon successful completion of the training
  • A training manual to download
  • Homework assignments evaluated by the instructor to ensure that all material is well assimilated.


What happens after I complete my registration?
You will have immediate access to the INTRODUCTION section of the course where you will be asked to complete the confidentiality agreement and upload photo identification. You will then be prompted to download the training manual before starting the first module.
What do I need to take the online training?

You will need a platform (computer, cell phone, tablet) as well as an internet connection.

Do I have to complete all the modules to become certified?

Yes, our goal is that you come out of your training with all the knowledge you need to improve your brand image. Each module is evaluated in order to ensure your progress.

If I don't complete the modules before the allotted time to complete the training, do I have to pay for the entire training again?

If you feel you are running out of time to complete your online training you should send us an email at info@lastationbeaute.comafin so we can see if we can increase this time. A small surcharge may apply.

I don't have a professional camera, can I still take this training?

Certainly, the training is designed for technicians who take their pictures with their cell phone camera as well.

I am not in the field of aesthetics, can I still take this training?

Yes, this training includes several notions that could be very useful to you such as the different cameras and how to use them, photo editing applications, etc… However, it is important to know that the video explanations during this training are always made with realities of the aesthetic field.