Marie-Phée Letarte

Marie-Phée Letarte Poirier’s career path is more than impressive, not only for the obstacles she has encountered along the way, but also for her unwavering motivation and vision, which enabled her to open the first La Station Beauté franchise in Quebec.

“To get up stronger you have to fall down. Never give up & believe in your dreams!”

Marie-Phée Letarte Poirier has been a seasoned esthetician in Quebec for over 15 years and is recognized in the esthetics field for her unwavering talent and professionalism.

Her journey has shown us that when we have dreams, we just have to believe in them and slowly build our way towards achieving them. Her journey, fraught with pitfalls, has enabled her to grow as a woman, but also to be able to positively support and advise others.

During her studies in aesthetics, Marie-Phée discovered a real passion for improving the perception of external beauty, and for all the technologies that can bring out a woman’s inner beauty.

It was from this same passion that her interest in teaching and passing on her knowledge was born. That’s why Marie-Phée enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program, so she could combine her passion for beauty with her destiny of passing on her knowledge.

Marie-phée teacher cfp limoilou

While pursuing her studies, Marie-Phée also made a name for herself by training in Brow Microblading, a new service in high demand with her large clientele. Offering her services in several institutes across Quebec, the reputation of her expert hands made her a technician of repute & in demand.

Stroke Pattern 2018, La Station Beauté

It was in 2018 that she discovered La Station Beauté training center, and it was love at first sight. Both for the training atmosphere and the values emanating from the company, a new dream emerged in her heart: to one day open a La Station Beauté franchise in Quebec City.

Permanent makeup training 2019, La Station Beauté

After several years’ experience in the field, it was in 2020 that she decided to make her dream a reality by opening the first La Station Beauté franchise in Quebec, right in the middle of the Covid-19 global pandemic. Taking advantage of the confinements in force at the time to get her project off the ground, the obstacles she encountered at the time strengthened her skills and her desire to go for it and make her dreams come true.

Permanent Makeup Training, La Station Beauté Terrebonne

If you’re ever lucky enough to cross paths with Marie-Phée Poirier Letarte, you’ll be immediately charmed by her contagious passion for aesthetics and her generosity in passing on her knowledge. It’s with great confidence & pride that we can count her among our team.



DEP Aesthetics

CFP de Limoilou

Electric hair removal certification

CFP de Limoilou


Make-up training

Lise Watier


Photo-Epilation Training

CFP de Limoilou

Photorejuvenation training

CFP de Limoilou


Lipblush certification

La Station Beauté

Ombre Brows certification

La Station Beauté

Lashlift certification

La Station Beauté

Henna eyebrow tinting certification

La Station Beauté

Microneedling certification

La Station Beauté


BACC Vocational & Technical Education

Laval University

Microblading & Microshading certification

La Station Beauté

Laser tattoo removal training

Académie Compétences Beauté


Permanent Makeup Certification

La Station Beauté

Stroke Pattern Certification

La Station Beauté

Nanolips & Nanoliner certification

La Station Beauté

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