Kimberly Turcotte

It was a happy coincidence that Kimberly Turcotte’s path crossed that of La Station Beauté. An esthetician by trade, she began her career by expanding her apprenticeships in the field to offer a wide range of services. Thanks to her professionalism & dedication to the treatments she offered, Kimberly is now growing up in our Terrebonne academy.

“The best way to treat your customers is to do it as if you were performing the service on yourself.”

Kimberly 5 years old

Kimberly Turcotte has been passionate about the world of beauty from an early age. By the age of 5, she was already showing an interest in make-up by wanting to wear it to kindergarten, and was always asking for cosmetics as gifts. Whether it was cases full of eyeshadow, palettes of blush or collections of lipsticks… she was the happiest little girl on the planet whenever she could play with make-up brushes.

Since then, she’s grown up and her passion for women’s beauty has never ceased to grow, whether it’s aesthetic care, hairdressing, make-up, manicures, cosmetics or anything else that has to do with beauty.

Kimberly Aesthetic training 2017

Kimberly has acquired her know-how through continuous training, so that she can take care of women and make them feel radiant, confident and beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. She makes it her personal mission!

Kimberly Lipblush Training

With the goal of building a loyal clientele who trust her, she places great importance on the quality of the care she offers. Every customer is unique, and Kimberly’s mission is to make every service personalized, by paying close attention to her clients’ expectations.

Kimberly Prestation Lipblush

Her passion for beauty is her little jewel, and she’ll make sure she’s always polishing it so it never stops sparkling… just like her eyes when she talks about her job!



Diploma in Aesthetics

Skills 2000


Sales & Consulting certification

CFP Des Riverains


Diploma in hairdressing

CFP Des Riverains


Resin & Powder nail art certification

Independent trainer


Certification in Eyebrow Microblading

La Station Beauté

Microneedling certification

La Station Beauté

Certification in Photo-Epilation

La Station Beauté

Certification in Lash Extensions Classic & Volume

La Station Beauté

Certification in Eyelash Enhancement

La Station Beauté

Certification in Henna Eyebrow Tinting

La Station Beauté

Lipblush certification

La Station Beauté

Certification in Ombre Brows

La Station Beauté

Permanent Make-up Certification

La Station Beauté


GelCare certification

Le Manoir

Hair Micro-Pigmentation Certification

La Station Beauté

Certification in Dark Lips - Neutralizing dark lips

La Station Beauté

Blemishes & acne treatment certification

La Station Beauté

Certification in Skin Diagnostics Level 1 & 2

La Station Beauté

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