Alexane Palica

“There’s nothing more powerful than a woman who chooses to believe in herself and goes all in on her dreams.”

Alexane Palica is a young woman with a passion for aesthetics, determined to fulfill her greatest dreams through perseverance and innovative ideas.

Alexane has always been fascinated by the world of beauty and the arts. At the age of 16, she began working as a beauty consultant cosmetician, where she learned the basics of her future profession.

Beauty consultant cosmetician, 2015

A student in business management at the time, Alexane decided to take her eyelash extensions course at La Station Beauté, despite the discouragement of her family and friends who saw no future in this field. The young woman, more motivated than ever, wanted to prove them wrong and decided to pursue her dreams no matter what. She began offering her services from a small room in her Montreal apartment.

Certification in eyelash extensions 2017

2019 Epiderma Bursary Winner

Wishing to broaden her horizons and pursue her ideas of grandeur, Alexane Palica then decided to reorient her field of study to become an esthetician. Thanks to her determination and talent, Alexane won the Épiderma scholarship, awarded to exemplary future beauticians. The young woman then pursued her studies by taking a course in photoepilation and electrolysis, thus broadening her knowledge base.

In 2019, Alexane Palica joins La Station Beauté as a trainer. This new path will enable the passionate beautician to share her knowledge with other women wishing, in turn, to pursue their dream and turn their passion into a profession.

Certification en microneedling, 2019

With her creative ideas, ambition and talent, Alexane joined La Station Beauté as a new partner in 2020. Sharing the same ideas of grandeur as owner Chloé Jacques, the two women join forces to revolutionize the world of esthetics by offering high-end, cutting-edge training.

LipBlush training, 2021

Today, Alexane Palica continues to share her knowledge and show women that, thanks to their ambition and perseverance, they can all take the road to success and realize their dreams.

Lash enhancement training, 2022




Beauty consultant cosmetician

Pharmaprix, beauty gallery


Eyelash extension technician

La Station Beauté

Ombre Brows certification

La Station Beauté

Eyelash Enhancement Technician

La Station Beauté


Russian Volume Technician

La Station Beauté


Diploma in Aesthetics

Center de formation professionnel de Verdun

Microdermabrasion certification

Center de formation professionnel de Verdun

Microneedling technician / Non-medical mesotherapy

La Station Beauté

Certification of blood-borne pathogens

La Station Beauté

Henna eyebrow tinting technician

La Station Beauté


Photoepilation and electrolysis technician

Center de formation professionnel de Verdun

Lipblush Technician

La Station Beauté

Shadow Brows Technician

Diamond Shading and Ombre Brows technique, La Station Beauté

Hybrid Brow Masterclass

Carole Evrard Medico Derm Academy Europe

Masterclass Freckles

Carole Evrard Medico Derm Academy Europe


Certification training program G.M. Collin

Technique Magic Skin care products, chemical peeling, G.M. Collin

Masterclass Frozen Lips

LipBlush lip pigmentation, Agnès Permanent Germany

Masterclass Dark Lips

Dark lip neutralization, Tess Tattoo

Tiny Tattoo

Feather touch Academy

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Give A Constant Support – Give A Constant Support